Ftp user can't login


A few days ago I set up a sub-domain and ftp account for a friend. Although I was having a few small problems at first, it seems now I have a bigger one.
I can login through the ftp account I setup for her, but she can’t login to it:

“It says my username or password is wrong.”

This is my first time hosting someone, so any help would be appreciated. And out of curiosity, do I need to setup a Web ID for her to use, or not?


If you can log-in using her username/password then the account would seem to be working fine.

Double check with her that she is using the correct username/password. Remember that these things are case sensitive, so password is different to PassWord.

Also, confirm that she has no Firewalls or Internet security packages that may be interfering with her log-in.

Only if you wish to give her access to the Web Admin Panel.


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