FTP user accounts

Just a little question concerning the 15 FTP Accounts available with the Sweet Dreams plan… Does each account have a separate, restricted directory of its own, or do they simply work as the main administrator account, with access to the whole site ? In other terms, can I restrict a particular user to one particular directory, and put a limit on the webspace he can use ? My current server works like that, and it is a very useful feature.

Anybody knows the answer ? Is it possible to get direct support from Dreamhost ?

The default is for each user to have its own home directory. Quotas can be imposed on a per-user basis. Users, quotas, etc. are controlled from the web control panel, which is separate, so you can create panel users and give them access to certain functions too, if necessary.


Yes, by contacting support or sales. :>

As the disclaimer on this forum indicates, this is not a good place to get official answers - you may get an answer from a DH employee, but don’t expect one.

Sales questions may be addressed to us via the sales form, or to sales at dreamhost dot com.