FTP user account

I just created a new FTP user, but can’t access FTP site as that user. I’ve tried ftp://mydomain.com and ftp://mydomain.com/newuser, but no luck.

do you already have a user assigned for that domain? you can only have one user assigned per site.

yea im wondering the same thing.

i make a new ftp account “newaccount”. on every host ive been with before it would make a dir /home/newaccount but i dont see this at all. if i ftp with my main account i dont see any “newaccount” directories, yet i can log in with “newaccount” and upload files. so where are they going and how do i access them from http?

you said only 1 ftp per domain, does that mean www.mysite.com and www.mysite.com/newaccount can only be accessed by the original ftp account? if so then whats the point? i feel like im missing somthing here. any help would be appreciated