FTP User Account Directory Structure

I was wondering if it is possible to setup the FTP users in this specific way.

Instead of
I want,
Home/Main User/Mywebsite.com/Users/Username

So basically the FTP user only has access to his folder and none of the root folders. The main purpose of this is so the FTP user can have his own download page (ie. www.mywebsite.com/username)

If this is not possible, is there any web based ftp clients that support this?

Did you check out the DH wiki article on ramapping subdirs?


Oh wow, I should have tested it better =/

I thought the user would have access to all the users in the users folder but nvm, thanks for the help. That’s an awesome feature btw.

You’re welcome! Remapping a subdir can be a great help on occasion - just watch out for the “gotchas” (CGI scripts won’t run there!). :wink: