FTP use?

Does dreamhost use FTP? A webhost I am at now is nothing but FTP and I am so FTP illiterate! I’d rather have a simpler host to set up my website. Let me know how DreamHost goes about it so I know. Thanks so much!!


Nearly any good Webhost (including this one) will use Ftp, atleast as an option – it’s really not that hard to learn. Most Ftp clients let you drag & drop files between the local folders and the ones on the server; if your using html files (not php or cgi scripts) that’s all you need to do.

Now if you’re used to using a wizard to create the pages (like on Geocities) it gets a little harder because you need to learn a new way of creating the pages too, but there are some good programs out there to work with

Hope this helps.

Pretty well all hosts use FTP, with the exception of a few tacky pop-up-ridden free hosts, who don’t seem to think their users are intelligent enough to cope with it. FTP is the standard way of uploading files anywhere.

And it’s not complicated - just go to a shareware site and download a FTP program, like Transmit if you’re on a Mac or Cute FTP if you’re on Windows. You can learn how to use most of them in about 30 seconds - they’re really quite simple. And a lot faster than those horrible upload forms at GeoCities et al.


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