FTP uploads hang, no resume

I’m having problems uploading bigger files to my FTP at dreamhost. The transfer hangs and times out after a few megabytes, and the server does not support resume.

I don’t have any problems FTP’ing to other servers in the U.S.



I’d suggest that you contact support about this (we’re only customers here like your self). There should be any issue with uploading to your server, so there may be an underlying issue that DH can fix.

Also in the Panel > home > Suggestions there’s a place where you can submit your ideas and maybe other people will vote for them. (search first to see if it’s already been put in)

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I’ve never had any problems resuming my larger uploads at DreamHost, so I’d say it must be something you’re doing wrong.
Or, possibly, the FTP server you’re using is setup incorrectly.
In either case, as mattail suggested, contacting support is your best option :slight_smile:

Thanks Matttail,
I added the request as a suggestion.
I already contacted support, they said it’s the route from here to the server that is likely to blame (which is weird as i can ftp to other servers in the u.s. without problem).

I can resume uploads using FlashFXP without problem. What ftp client are you using? If you’re trying to upload using the built-in ftp capabilities of I.E., I think it’s the browser that doesn’t support resuming.

I’m using FileZilla on Win XP SP2