Ftp upload


I have problems uploading files to ftp. The speed never gets over 30kb/s (this is much less than my max). The worst thing is that it falls to 0kb/sec and then the connection is lost. Upload resuming doesn’t work I guess.

Download speed is great,btw.

Any advice?


I never see upload speeds greater than about 26KByte/s when I upload from my system, but this is due to the limitation of my home ADSL connection (1536Kbit down / 256Kbit up).

However, recently I used wget to transfer a file directly from Microsoft to my home directory here at DreamHost and obtained an overall transfer speed of 1.2MByte/s.

Have you done a trace route to your server here at DreamHost? This can sometimes show problems along the route that may impact speeds.


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You’re sure about the units for bandwidth shown by your ftp client, right? Mine shows the transfer speed in KBytes/s not Kbits. If you happened to confuse that, then it might be a limitation of your outbound capacity, as Mark mentioned. The slowing/stopping could be a configuration issue, since download speeds are still good. Incidently I typically see 45KB/s up and @250-350KB/s down with Comcast, and am pleased with that.

Is this the way it’s always been, or has it just started? Have you benchmarked against uploads to some other location?