FTP - Upload speed very slow

Hi All.

I am recently addicted to upload videos to my dreamhost account.

However, I noticed that the upload speed is very slow (around 42k / sec), which usually takes me 8 hrs to upload 1GB of videos.

I tried to turn off firewall and no improvments.

Any thoughts?


What upload method are you using? What’s your advertised ISP upload speed?


I’m not sure what method I’m using (I’m not a tech guy).
I’m using a FTP program to upload stuff.

I don’t know the advertised speed as well.

but the upload speed has set to 42k/sec.

I queried Support about transfer speeds once and the official word was “there is no throttling”.

Being cheap, I didn’t argue :wink:

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Anywhere in the 40K/sec range is fairly standard for most US ISP upload rates. Multiply by 8, and it’s about 320 kilobits/sec. Rounding up for packet overhead, it’s most likely a 368kbit/sec cap.

You can always try out speedtest.net and see what you get there.

If you need a faster transfer speed then you should contact your ISP about a faster plan. Roadrunner Turbo, offered in my area brings the upstream to 1Mbit, 70-100KB/sec.

Thanks for your info!
Does Dreamhost offer any faster upload speed plan?
If yes, I don’t mind to upgrade my plan!

The upload throttle is at your end, so you’d have to contact your ISP to increase your speed. Those lucky enough to have strong broadband connections can upload at speeds far above yours. Mine hover at about 250KB/sec.


Thanks Scott!
I’m currently living in Asia area and using a 30M bandwidth.
My upload speed to other U.S. server is 2.6m/sec.
With Dreamhost, 42kb/sec.

So, I guess Dreamhost did set the limit for uploading.

  1. sXi just reported that Support said there is no throttling.
  2. I just reported that I get 250KB/sec.

It’s not DreamHost. It must be something between you and DreamHost that’s the bottleneck. Try a ‘traceroute’ to your web server.


Sorry~how to do a traceroute? thanks!!

If you’re on a Mac, launch Terminal and type ‘traceroute example.com

If you’re on Windows, Google “windows traceroute” for instructions.


[quote]tracert domain.com


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