FTP upload scheme for clients

i need a solution for accepting files from clients. At my previous host (using Cpanel) i was able to create a directory for each client accessible by FTP where they could upload files. Each client’s user only had access to their directory. My FTP user could browse all directories.

After lots of reading at the wiki and forums, i’m getting the feeling that i won’t be able to do this anymore. Am i wrong? Or what is an alternative that gives each client a unique place to upload files, and gives me an easy way to retrieve them?

You’ll need to use SFTP to pull this off. I’d try a combination of Groups:
And then symbolic links in my home directory to quickly jump to other users dropboxes. (or a fancy cronjob that moves/copies files out of their directory and into yours)


Yeah groups, symbolic links and SFTP is definitely the way to go.

In one of my setups I created a folder in the “main” user root called symlinks and created symbolic links to the other user’s share directories in there. Keeps things nice and tidy in your main’s root.

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