FTP upload probs

I’ve been creating the files for my site using Dreamweaver so far. Last nite, I did some work, and uploaded it, no prob. Tonight, for some reason, with no recollection of changing any settings within Dreamweaver, my own internet connection [tried my neighbor’s to doublecheck], or my account at DreamHost, I can’t upload. DreamWeaver’s FTP errors ‘access denied, check server permissions’. Dreamhost’s net2ftp gimmick does the same thing. I’m on aquaman, and I did notice a problem posted on the status, but it shows that it’s been resolved. What can I be doing to effect this? Can my torrents be goofing it up? Am I to assume that aquaman [bad name for a server, expecting it to be useful, lol] is muffed up again? I put a support ticket in, and noticed on one page somewhere that it was confirmed, and it had an earlier time on it than when I submitted it, but I can’t even find that page again. Everyone viewing is encouraged to laugh at my expense if/once it is determined that I caused it myself.

I want to note also, that sometimes dreamweaver will retrieve/refresh files from the server, and sometimes it will not, stating the same ‘access denied’.

And now my site is not showing. Firefox yields ‘The server at tatertom.com is taking too long to respond’

Did I accidentaly the whole internets or what?


Aquaman has drowned, according to status now.

Maybe I did accidentaly the whole thing, and they are just now seeking me out for due punishment…

Me too. It doesn’t want to find the host, although I entered all info - hostname, username, pswd… But it write "An FTP error occured - cannot make connection to host. The remote host cannot be found."
I tried to do the same from the Windows and FileZilla ftp clients. I entered the same data and it’s OK.
The Dremweaver me need for testing site, 'couse I writing on it.
What to do? …

I solved my task!!! Need enter in the “Site Definition” -> “remote info” in the “ftp host” not like ftp://ftp.yoursite.com, but ‘username@ftp.yoursite.com’ - “Host directory” is EMPTY and username and pswd enter info (also as “Checkout name” in the bottom of the table) and press “TEST” button.

And it’s all right! It succesfully connected to the server via FTP…