FTP Upload Limit?

Hi, all. I’m new to FTP, and when I signed up for Dreamhost, part of my deal was unlimited bandwidth/storage space. I’ve got my website set up, and I’ve already been uploading through WebFTP. But WebFTP says there’s about a 4 MB upload limit per file? I wanted to store much larger files on my website, and assumed this would be fine with the unlimited storage. Am I just misunderstanding something here?

I tried using an outside program (Filezilla) but can’t seem to get it to connect…every time it connects and asks for my password, it gives me the 530 can’t-connect error, even though I’m positive my password is right.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated! :slight_smile:

WebFTP is limited because it’s PHP-based. Stick with Filezilla. Double-check the settings:


Thanks for the reply…I just went back and checked my saved passwords, and sure enough, it was the one single one I hadn’t reset from the randomly generated one when I signed up. :slight_smile: Doh! I’m now Filezilla-ing away! Thanks!