FTP Upload Issues


Hi folks.

My client is having great download speeds, and horrible upload speeds. He’s on super fast DSL, as are his clients. He is having upload issues, as it slows down and takes forever to get to the target folder. He is using CoreFTP which is a free utility. His clients are having no problem. They are sending large files, >15 Mb.

Anybody have any clue why this is happening?


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perhaps his netowrk connection is beign boged down by other users?

First see if you can verify where the problem actually is - can this person upload speedly to another location? If you have ftp access to more than one server on DH is the upload slow to only one location or both?

You might also try a different FTP program and see if by chance somethign has gone wonky there. You can use command line FTP or download an other free program such as Filezilla.

Hope this is helpful…



I’d say his problem is most likely with his DSL connection. Even if he’s on the same plan as the other clients (…and if he’s not, that could be it!) it is quite possible that the configuration with the DSL provider is wrong.

Personally, my previous DSL connection simply came with a very slow upstream; my current DSL connection was misconfigured when I first got it set up – so I know for a fact these things happen.

His DSL provider likely has a webpage that will let him test his upload/download speeds (often through a Java applet). I’d have him run some of these tests before anything else.


Hi there. He’s the only one on his account, and this has been addressed over a stretch of a month.

I will see if he can try another application. He has no access to another account.


BeeRich, Toronto, The Beach
Web, Wireless & Database


Ya we tested that, but usually those files are about 1 Meg or so, so it didn’t really test the problem. I told him to call his ISP anyway.


BeeRich, Toronto, The Beach
Web, Wireless & Database


FWIW several people are having upload problems right now, mainly with uploads failing, though, not speed. There is another thread here dealing with that. It’s possible it’s the same cause (which is, as yet, unknown to us).