FTP Troubles


I’m having some problems connecting to my sites via FTP.

I’ve tried using windows to do it, via ftp://[username]@lifeofcolin.com, and the same for a number of different FTP clients.

I’ve also tried using webFtp to get on, but that won’t let me access it either (on twizzler.dreamhost.com).

Any ideas?



You must connect with the user name that is associated with the domain in question. Log into the Panel > Domains > Manage Doains > and edit to see what user ‘owns’ the domain. You have to log into FTP with that user name to access it.

If you’re already doing that, then exactly what error are you getting, and is this a new domain that you’ve never connected to before, or is it a connection that used to work but doesn’t now?

art.googlies.net - personal website


I have been able to log on before; now it won’t let me. The error message I get is as follows:

Unable to connect to FTP server twizzler.dreamhost.com on port 21.

Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often different from that of the HTTP (web) server. Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

Technical information for developers:

The error occured in file /usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/includes/filesystem.inc.php on line 51.

  • function ftp_openconnection (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/modules/browse/browse.inc.php on line 214)
  • function net2ftp_module_printbody (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/main.inc.php on line 288)
  • function net2ftp (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/index.php on line 54)

And seen as I haven’t been playing around in those files, I don’t think its me.


I’m able to FTP to twizzler from home. Since I don’t have an account on it, I can’t finish the login, though. At least it’s functioning.

Since you’ve been able to connect in the past, maybe it was in a bad mood.