FTP trouble

My actual domain is parked by godaddy.com, but my hosting is here, through dreamhost.
I log in with the given information, I’ve read everything that I need to read…
However, it says not to use the temporary FTP host login for long, and to start using the domain as it stands on its own.
I’ve changed the nameservers for the domain in my settings at godaddy, and everything seems to be as it should… but I cannot connect using my domain as the FTP host.
And, when I upload something to the domain folder through the dreamhost FTP host, the site is still blank.
I’m not sure how to rectify this, this is the first time I’ve had my own site that wasn’t a subdomain of a friend.
Anybody know how to fix this?

Ensure you have setup and are using the correct user credentials to access the Fully Hosted Domain via ftp.

Tip: if you do, you should see a folder named after your domain in the ftp root.

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I do, but when I upload a file named index.html, it doesn’t appear.

In your Panel take a look at Domains > Manage Domains

Check that it’s “Fully Hosted” and that the correct “User” is the owner of the domain you’re having problems with.

If it all looks correct you can try changing the user’s password in Panel via Users > Manage Users

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As sXi suggested, you did find a folder named something like mydomain.com and put your index.html file in there? What’s the URL for your domain?