FTP Transfer Speed

Hi all.
I just setup my ftp account recently with dreamhost.
I uploaded a 144mb file to my ftp and I got 289kb/sec speed for downloading (I’m using 3mb internet)
However, my friend in Hong Kong (Asia) only got 89 kb/sec, and he is using 6mb internet.
I got a faster speed because I’m in Canada (close to dhost?) or what?
Thank you!

There are a number of things that could make a difference, but in this case, it’s pretty safe to assume that distance is a factor.

It also depends a bit on what exactly lies between you and the server you’re accessing - how many routers, etc. - but these things only tend to increase with physical distance.

It could also be a result of internet congestion in Hong Kong, or any number of other things, I suppose.

I’m hazarding a guess that you got a better download speed because there are cheaper, fatter, less saturated pipes from the U.S. to Canada. Trans-pacific links can be a bit on the slow side. Theoretically distance shouldn’t affect things too much, but oftentimes transoceanic pipes are kept saturated to maintain profit margins.

Living in San Francisco Bay Area – some 450 miles north of Dreamhost’s datacenter – I was able to saturate a 6mbps DSL link while downloading a 100 megs uncompressable testfile during busy time of the day. Part of the routing to our website was a bit wonky, too, so it’s doubly impressive.

Thanks for all your replies! Very helpful.
A friend in UK got 180 kb/sec, and 190 kb/sec in Vancouver.

I know that there are many possiblities for getting slow d/l speed. Anyway!
Very impressive to get 280 kb/sec.

I tried a 50mb file yerterday. Got 590k/sec on “franc” server (from Canada)

But I can only upload at 50k/sec or so on this server.

[quote]I tried a 50mb file yerterday. Got 590k/sec on “franc” server (from Canada)

But I can only upload at 50k/sec or so on this server.[/quote]
You have an ADSL or cable connection, Vric? Those are a bit to the asymmetrical side. I’ve gotten 635kB/sec download and 63kB/sec upload on a 100MB testfile from and to “leeloo” server on a 6Mbps/606kbps ADSL link. I don’t think Dreamhost’s pipes are the limit, but rather the carriers between you and them :slight_smile:

I have a 5.1Mbit Cable connection. I go as high as 620k/sec.

For the Upload, I have a 820kbs (should be around 100k/sec)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the speed of DH server, I just find the upload speed a bit strange.

Maybe you just caught the cable segment at a bad time? Cable speeds can fluctuate quite a bit.