FTP - too many concurrent users?



I’ve recently have the following problem:

530 sorry, the maximum number of hosts (4) for this user are already connected

Does anybody know a way to increase the number of concurrent users (same login) to the ftp? I can’t find it in the dreamhost panel.


I believe this is controlled at the back-end. What does the DH support say?

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Dang, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. How about using SFTP instead? Most FTP clients support it. It’ll get you the same (and more) functionality, and may be a workaround for this limitation.


p.s. My first comment was due to many people’s desires to share FTP directories, and the usual advice it to tell them to all use the same login and password.


I get this exact same problem, can’t access FTP with my details because too many users connected at same time…been like this for 4 days now.

Could anyone tell me the solution?



You could setup a shared resource folder/site using a login&upload script (cgi, etc.)

This would allow as many concurrent connections for transfers as is possible to your website.

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What he said! :wink:

This brings the added advantage that, at the end of the day, your user (under which CGI runs on your directory) owns all the files, which can greatly simplify your life down the road in many situations.

–DreamHost Tech Support