FTP to subdirectories?

Is there a way I can create an ftp account that only accesses a subdirectory on Dreamhost?

What I want to do is have an “admin ftp account” that can access the home directory and all the folders in it. And then set up “client ftp accounts” that can only access the files in their individual subdirectory of the home folder.

Home / Client A
Home / Client B
Home / Client C

Also, what’s Dreamhost’s “anonymous FTP service”?


Yep. First setup your user accounts to only have ftp access. Then follow the instructions in the knowledge base article.

That is not possible. Just setup each person with their own FTP user, and if you ever need to manage the files of a particular person, just login with their FTP username and password. Simple as that. You can always retrieve their password as long as you created the user on a plan managed by your WebId.

Anonymous FTP is where visitors don’t need to have an FTP user account of their own - they login to FTP with the username ‘anonymous’ and an email address as the password. It’s used for allowing others to download files using the FTP protocol instead of HTTP.

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