FTP timeouts?

I’m in the process of pushing a fair number of directories and files up to my ftp site via an FTP client (FileZilla, not using the web browser method) and it seems that the connection gets shut off. I seem to recall reading the the web ftp sessions were either time, file count, or byte upload limited. Is this true for a regular ftp connection?



Try SFTP instead. FileZilla supports it. Just make sure your User is SSH and/or SFTP enabled.



Thanks for the very prompt reply. Much appreciated.

I was just getting ready to respond to my own post. Seems that the session is NOT disconnecting. Filezilla’s UI seems to indicate in one of the panels that I am ‘not connected to any server’, but the actual file list panel still shows data moving up to the server. Weird…

I’ll switch to sftp after I get this session pushed up.

Thanks again .


I was surprised to see you mention any disconnection issue with Filezilla. Having been very frustrated with HTTP transfers, Windows Explorer, and other tools, I’ve used it for a couple years now. It’s rock solid with every server no matter how bad the connection or how unreliable the server is. I’ve also seen that state you mention, where it looks disconnected but the files are still transferring. I can’t explain it either but the data looks OK when it’s done so I don’t ask too many questions. :wink:

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s up. I tried dumping up 3 or 4 directories with 2 - 20 files per directory. 1.5 directories when up then the upload stopped and FileZilla disconnected.

I’ll give it another try in a day or two. Not a huge deal, this isn’t stopping me from doing anything.


Tips: Passive mode must be on.

But I don’t think this comment helps :stuck_out_tongue:

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