FTP Timeout


I find that when I’m working on my site my FTP connection frequently stops working, (and I use BBEdit to edit the files remotely so a lost connection means lost changes), so I’m guessing that the connection is timing out. Is there an idle timeout on FTP connections? If so, would it be possible to lengthen it? This has become a real nuisance and I’ve only been a member of Dreamhost for 1 day now. Beyond this, I love it.


Your ftp program will need to send a command every while to stop the connection being dropped. I do not know your program but have a look through the preference/options for any such feature called ‘Keep alive’ or some such option.


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Looking through BBEdit’s prefs, I don’t see any way to set a keepalive.

I use Transmit, which lets me use my external editor (BBEdit). I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a timeout with this setup while at DreamHost.



That’s the exact setup I’m using, I wonder what the issue could be? How long are the gaps between when you are sending data (like re-saving or uploading a new file)?


I’ve often let it sit for 10 minutes before doing another save. Are you using the latest version of Transmit?

Oh, duh (I just remembered), I’m using SFTP, not FTP. If your account has Shell Access enabled, then you can use Transmit and change your settings to SFTP. Plus you’ll get the benefit of a secure connection.



I didn’t even think of that - I enabled shell access earlier today, and I just tried to login using SFTP and it gives me a permission denied error. However, when I try to log in via SSH, it works perfectly. Shouldn’t they both either work or not work? Should I just give it more time? Is there something else that must be changed?


Yes, SSH and SFTP use the same username, password and port. Can you do SFTP from Terminal? (sftp user@domain.com)

In Transmit, do you have any paths set for that Favorite (bookmark)? That shouldn’t matter, but SFTP and FTP do differ in what’s available path-wise. My Remote Path is /home/USER/DOMAIN.COM

And make sure the Protocol is really SFTP and not one of the FTPs with SSL.