FTP time outs

I’ve been having some troubles with ftp for the last month or so.

Upload has been impossibly slow, but this I blame on a broken undersea cable and not DH. The cable is still broken but, probably due to temporary routing, speeds seem to be back up to reasonable.

But I still get a time out error after uploading files. Now, single files will upload nicely and end with a timeout. Uploading multiple files or folders will usually end with a timeout before uploading the whole package.

Quite a bit of a bother when I want to manually do WordPress installs and upgrades…

I’m using Cyberduck for ftp on a Mac OS X 10.4.8 system.

Anybody having similar problems or can venture a guess what’s happening?

The first thing I would suggest is to make sure your ftp client is configured to use “passive mode” (PASV) when communicating with Dreamhost’s ftp server - it often makes a hugh difference!


Check. That’s the setting I’ve been using.

Consider doing a traceroute to see if there are any network bottlenecks that may be giving you trouble. I have no trouble with FTP at the moment, although that might be because I’m using a PC :wink:

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