FTP through Proxy


I’m having trouble connecting to FTP to upload my site. If I try to connect through Windows XP’s “My Network Places”, I get the messages [quote]The folder ‘ftp://@/’ is read-only because the proxy server is not set up to allow full access. To move, paste, rename, or delete files, you must use a different proxy. For information on changing your proxy, contact your administrator.[/quote]

I’ve only transferred the domain over today (from evil GoDaddy, which had a working website-based FTP client), but currently the site does show Dreamhost’s holding page.

I tried to connect through WebFTP, but I can’t get in. I’ve tried the .dreamhost.com address, the address, and changing the password multiple times.

If I try visiting ftp://, it just says “Authentication Required” over and over again.

I think WebFTP is my best shot, but that work’s proxy is blocking it. Do you think this is true?


Your best shot might be to use filezilla or another ftp client. If you use firefox you can also get FireFTP as an add-in. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ftp

Changing the password might be your problem with the explorer method, Are you aware when you make a password change in the panel it takes a bit to push out to the server? It’s not instant and it says on the screen 10-15 minutes but I have seen it run longer before.

Also when you created your ftp user I assume that you didn’t check the box labeled “disallow FTP”

I used to use the windows explorer method on one domain, so I know it will work, but honestly it’s not the best.

Also alot of users have trouble with using the WebFTP interface, I would advise against it.


Thanks, I’ll try an FTP client tomorrow. I have no problem using Cyberduck at home.


Today I’ve tried FTP through Netbeans, but that didn’t work. Curious, I tried the WebFTP again and it did work.

Thanks for your time.


Try WinSCP. It’s pretty good! http://winscp.net