FTP/Subdomain Help

I just signed up with DH last night and I love it so far.

I created a subdomain and a “user”, but when I sign into FTP with the user, they are able to access ALL of my files when I want them to only be able to access my subdomains files.

Could you please explain how to do this? I’m new to this, sorry…but I believe I created both subdomain and user correctly.

Thanks in advance!

You and all of your users belong to a default group. All members have full read access to everything unless you change some ownership settings.
Here’s the wiki entry on the subject, plus ways to fix your problem:


If you assign the subdomain to be under the new FTP user’s control, only that subdomain should be available them. When you fully host the subdomain, make sure the new FTP user is selected for the domain. I don’t think you have to delve into Unix groups, but I may be wrong.

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Read the wiki. All of your users have full read access to your other users’ files by default.


Is this read access available only through SSH? When I used another user’s login (FTP) I could only see the files of the domains/subdomains assigned to them.

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How exactly do I do this?

I’m sorry for probably the newbie question, but I just started two days ago.

I looked through all my settings, and I didn’t see any options for directing the FTP user to the subdomain, but if you could be so kind to explain it, that would be awesome.

Wow, I thought it would be a lot easier than that. I’ve never used SSH, but uh…hoping this won’t be too difficult.

Yes, it through methods other than FTP: SSH, SFTP, and Telnet all get you standard access to the directory structure. FTP limits a user to their own home directory.


So what if you don’t give the user Shell access?

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It’s not that big of a deal. There’s the default group, but anybody who wants to hide their files from other co-users needs to be in their own private group.

One can do a chmod to make everything unreadable by others in the group by doing a chmod -R g-rx. I’m drawing a blank on setting the sticky bit, but this help retain permissions on new files and directories under the main directory.

Or the account owner (you) can set up cronjobs that do a recursive chgrp command on a user’s directory to assign all the directories and files to that private group.