Ftp software for vista?

hii all

i use WS FTP with XP know when i try to install it w ith Windows Vista i can’t is there any other FTP client i can use with Vista ?

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I have no experience with Vista… but you could give Filezilla a try. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

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Hi, H2K!

As I don’t (and probably won’t) use V*sta myself, I can’t give you a personal recommendation for compatible sftp/ftp software, but Google show there are a lot of choices out there!. :wink:


If you use firefox just get the addon fireftp.

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I’m using FlashFXP without any problems under Vista.

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Im using SmartFTP for windows vista right now.

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I would recommend Filezilla.Simple, effective and free :D.

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