FTP site slowwww

my ftp site is so slow ~~
my ftp server is hansens
anyone is using this, same as me?

I am not on the same server, so I do not know about anything that might be wrong with your machine.

Make sure you are using “passive mode” of your ftp to get maximum speed.


passive mode is PASV?




After i set to PASV, it have been faster a little.
Login <- faster
Upload <- a little fast

Total = OK.

Good! :slight_smile:


may i know how upload/download speed the DH’s server?

Everyone’s experience is different because there are so many jumps in the path and limits all along the path. Other users on your machine can cause your site to be slower than it would normally be.

Even worse, you could be the reason why everyone else is slow on your machine.

If you were to tell us what numbers you’re seeing and give us a link on your site(s) to check we can tell you what our experience is. (Every server at dreamhost may perform differently).

Hope this helps.


how to see these user currently use same server with me together?

You really can’t see too well anymore. This is for security reasons.

You can always ask support to look at the system. Someone could be compromised or just plain abusing your server.