Ftp/site down, webmail... up?

For the last hour or so, I’ve been getting timeout errors when trying to view the site I run at work, and anytime I try to get into our ftp via dreamhost’s webftp, I get the following error.

An error has occured:
Unable to connect to FTP server plentymag.com on port 21.

Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often
different from that of the HTTP (web) server. Please contact your ISP
helpdesk or system administrator for help.

Go back or Go to the login page

Technical information for developers:

The error occured in file
/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/includes/filesystem.inc.php on line 51.

  • function ftp_openconnection
    (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/modules/browse/browse.inc.php on line 214)
  • function net2ftp_module_printbody
    (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/main.inc.php on line 288)
  • function net2ftp (/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/index.php on line 54)

totally baffled on this one! our server is niagara, so I’m wondering if any other sites are having this problem today.

dreamhoststatus.com is your friend.

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mine is working fine.

I think this is serous because you can’t even view the site (I tried, failed). Send a ticket to DH and they will explain

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dreamhoststatus.com is your friend.

dreamhoststatus.com was updated after i posted this and filled out a ticket. :wink: but thanks.