Ftp/sftp after the move

haven’t been able to ftp/sftp connect to my domains since server move. chatted with the support (no help at all) and submitted a ticket and waiting for response.

have tried connecting both to the server and to my domains in the address. neither works. i don’t have special dns.

anybody else having trouble connecting via a ftp/sftp client? if you’re having success, what are you doing?

thanks for the help.

What hostname do you have stored in you software? It’s possibly to use your domain name, but it’s also possible to use machinename.dreamhost.com. If you’re using the second you will need to update after a server move.

I have a client that I have set up an FTP-only user for. They have several people that occasionally upload files and the system works fine. Just to be diligent, however, I want to make it so any file they upload can not be deleted, just to make it safer, more obvious, and more secure for them. How can this be done.