Ftp setup


I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2002 - 2007. Now I am back, but realized how so many things have changed. I just re-renewed my contract and am trying to get my ftp client to work. But for some reason, it’s not connecting.

Right now I am using the free CoffeeCup Software as my FTP. But it is giving me an error:

“The remote server denied login. Your username and/or password is not correct, or attempting more concurrent connections than the server allows. [67] Additional information: Access denied: 530.
Server has replied: [530] Permission denied…”

My webiste is luvlala.com
Can anyone help me?

Do you still have the FTP user? Check DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users

If the user is still there, try to reset its password and log into your FTP server again.

Yes, I do. I am now getting this message though:
“Received an abnormal reply to a RETR command. This happens e.g. when the server sends fewer bytes than expected. Typical situations are listings of empty directories or downloads of hidden file (filename starting with a ‘.’). [19] Additional information: RETR response: 425.
Server has replied: [425] Unable to build data connection: Invalid argument.”

I’ll suggest you to contact DH support to check your accounts. Good luck