FTP setup


Hi, I use an FTP program called FileZilla made by Mozilla. I used to use a different FTP client which i knew how to use, but I can’t figure this one out. I just got my domain and now i want to edit it through fTP. I put ftp.averytickets.com for the host, port 21, logon type normal, I put in my dreamhost login and password, but it says unable to connect. I feel like i’m going wrong in the host section. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


Yep, that won’t work as expected, as the hostname does not include the “ftp” on DreamHost.

If you just enter “averyticket.com” as the host, you should be fine! :slight_smile:



:frowning: still not working. So Host: averytickets.com, port 21, server type FTP, logontype=normal, bypass proxy settings is unchecked, user=my login and pass is my password. Getting an unable to connect…


When did you registered the domain? If it is a new domain, you may need to wait a while for propagating.

Did you key in the right user name and password? The user name should be the FTP user created for this domain. You can check it out via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit

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That’s strange indeed, as averytickets.com is in DNS and I can browse to the empty directory (I am assuming you can too?). If the domain is new, it is possible DNS has not completely updated,and that I can see it in DNS and you can’t (yet).

If you can see it in DNS, and you are sure you have no firewall issues, those setting should work.

If I ping “ftp.averytickets.com”, I get response from “apache2-argon.conker.dreamhost.com (”, so I don’t think actually connecting to the domain should be a problem.

Begging the obvious, you are sure there is no user/pass problem?



i am pretty sure i have the right names. i did however change the nameservers on godaddy about 5 mins before i did it. they probably have not updated yet. i will try tomorrow