FTP set-up

For years I’ve been using iDisk (with Apple’s MobileMe) as my FTP, but in June they’re discontinuing this service. I’m a graphic designer & college teacher who sends files to clients & students via FTP. Since my websites are on Dreamhost, I’d like to start using the FTP that is included in my hosting plan. Can anyone tell me if Dreamhost’s FTP is going to be easy enough for my college students & clients to use? And what’s the best way for me to get started learning how to set it up?

have you read/seen this? http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Iweb

Wellll, I don’t use iWeb (I use Dreamweaver for web authoring) but Cyberduck, on the pg you referenced, looks like it might be worth a try. Ultimately, I’m looking for something comparable to MobileMe’s iDisk.