FTP service is down?


I’m getting this 500 server error when I try to connect my ftp server.

ftp redimpressions.com
Connected to redimpressions.com.
500 Sorry, no server available to handle request on basic-heavy.lei.dreamhost.co
Connection closed by remote host.


FTP is working for me, but that doesn’t mean much. There’s a chance your server is haivng problems - double chekc and make sure it’s still not working, then you might as well put in a support ticket and see what they say.



Was ok for me today but I’m on a different server.

Not sure which plan is best? This chart lists the plans.


yeah I’m on nimitz and am having the same issue. not sure why. http service still seems to be working. haven’t tested smtp or imap.



if this is an on going problem support should definatly be contacted so they can fix this issue.



it’s resolved itself. ftp is back up



now its back down. this is frustrating. im on a very tight schedule and need to make changes to my site before launching my ad campagin in 3 days.