Ftp server


Can anyone advise me on how to set up an FTP server? What information do i need before I begin. I have just signed up with Dreamhost and am not sure whether they provide an FTP server upon signing up. Can anyone advise please.


You will find some useful information about FTP in this article.

FTP server is already set up by DH. When you add a domain to a hosting plan, you can choose whether or not enable FTP access on this domain.

If you wish to enable FTP access on your main domain, make sure you have given FTP access to the owner.

Another way of managing FTP server is to create a free subdomain like “ftp.yourdomain.com” with a new user and give FTP access to the subdomain only. It is safer because the FTP access is still diabled on your main domain.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas. If you encounter any problem with FTP set up, feel free to ask questions here.

This is quite definitely not safe - please don’t do it! Any FTP user with a domain has the ability to upload PHP scripts and run them from the web site.

If you are going to set up a semi-public FTP user, set it up on a user with no domains.

Where do I find the FTP server on Dreamhost?

All of your users are on the same server, but with different home directories. If you create a user, like “foobie,” you can FTP to any of your domains and log in as foobie. They’ll end up in /home/foobie; not /home/you/domain.com.

Please follow andrew’s instructions. It is indeed a safer way.

Andrew, thanks for the follow up.