FTP Server Name

Hello. I’m brand new here.
One of the DH set up emails I received said:
The FTP server name above is temporary and subject to change in the
| future - use it only for your site’s initial setup. Once your
| domain is working on the web you should begin connecting directly
| to “yourdomain.com

It showed:
FTP Server: talitha-australis.dreamhost.com

How do I change this? I tried using webFTP to my actual domain and it worked fine, but when I click the FTP button next to my registration (?) name/account, it always goes to this server and no apparent way to change it.


“talitha-australis” is the name of the DreamHost web server that your account is hosted on. It cannot be changed.

I guess DH won’t be running out of server names any time soon if you are naming them after stars! :stuck_out_tongue: