FTP Server & FTP Path


I’m trying to import my Blogger (http://allthingsfinancial.blogspot.com) posts into my new blog (http:allthingsfinancialblog.com). In my blogger settings, it asks for my FTP Server and then it asks for FTP Path. What are these and how do I find out what the addresses are?

Your server is where your files are stored and FTP (file transfer protocol) is a method by which files can be moved to or from that server.

The easiest way to find out what server you’re on is to login to your Dreamhost webpanel and go to Domains > Manage. There you should see your domain(s) listed with several sublistings. One of these listings is “Web” and if you scan to the right side of the screen you will see the “Server” listed.

I use blogger, and all I did was enter my domain name with a forward slash (/) at the end. Other webhosts I have been with required the actual FTP path, but with dreamhost it’s simple.

So you’d enter allthingsfinancialblog.com/

Oh, and your server would be the same as your FTP login info you were given when you signed up. It would be something like western.dreamhost.com, but it depends on the server you were assigned too when you signed up.

I am having a tough time with this as well.

This is what I have on my blogger settings

FTp Server:: sepulveda.dreamhost.com
Blog URL:: http://www.mydomain.com
FTP path:: www.mydomain.com/
BLog Filename:: index.html

When I publish, it works but then i cant see the blog…it just has the parent directory page.

What am I doing wrong. I own the domain and host with dreamhost but want to redirect my blogger blog to mydomain.com

Shouldn’t the FTP path be mydomain.com/ (without www)?

Try to FTP your domain and see where the files ends up…

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Sweet, it worked. I just needed to change from www.mydomain.com/ to mydomain.com/

FTp Server:: sepulveda.dreamhost.com
Blog URL:: http://www.mydomain.com
FTP path:: mydomain.com/
BLog Filename:: index.html