FTP security access problems

I’m unable to connect to my server (instance) via ftp. 425 Failed to establish connection.

I’ve looked hard at the server, vsftpd is running fine

sudo netstat -pln | egrep 'ftp’
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 646/vsftpd

I’ve ran into something similar when dealing with getting vesta (cpanel) working, it runs on port 8083 … I updated my security groups to

Ingress IPv4 TCP 8083 -
Ingress IPv6 TCP 8083 ::/0 -
Ingress IPv4 TCP 8083 - default

So I replicated what I did there with port 21

Ingress IPv4 TCP 21 -
Ingress IPv6 TCP 21 ::/0 -
Ingress IPv4 TCP 21 - default

rebooted the instance (and vesta, and vsftpd) and I’m still not able to connect.

I’m open to any solutions and appreciate any kind of help.

If you really have to use ftp … It’s such a messy protocol for what it does, never loved it and have been much happier since sftp became the norm.

If you’re stuck on ftp, remember that it requires more than just port 21 ingress. Depending on the clients, you may have to open port 20 inbound (ingress) too and ports 1025 and above (egress) for some clients to work…

hope this helps