FTP rights and more

Hello. I want to grant access to my web designer to build my website. Previously i gave him rights to the domain, database (all) and group only. He somehow could not get it to work for him (FTP). Now he has rights to Privilege administaration, user (all), domain (all), mailing list (all), plan (all), group (all) and database (all). Now all works well. My question is this, why exactly does he need rights to priviledge administration, user, and plan for him to be able to FTP correctly? I just dont see the connection between all those and the ability to FTP. Can anyone tell me exactly what rights i need to give him to enable his ability to FTP and bulld the website? Also, his FTP contents is now what shows up when you go to mydomain.com. When i FTP into Kroner, i still see my contents that i uploaded under my account name 2 days ago. Where exactly is the tab where i can change whose content shows up when i go to mydomain.com and after the change, how long before the content shows up? Is it instantaneous? Thanks.

I am assuming that you gave him his own web id, and granted privileges to him?

He needs none of that for ftp. When you signed up you received an email, [yoursite 0000000) DreamHost FTP-only User Activated.

Just give him that user name and password. He can ftp using that. But not get into the web admin panel.

Now, if he needs to set up databases, then you can grant his new webid access to the Plans area. Or, you can set up the database and just give him access to that one particular database.

Chances are, when you created his own webid, something got chucked when you set up his user info.

When you ftp the new information to your site, yes, it is instantaneous…but sometimes I need to refresh my screen due to my cache.


Well i just figured out where i messed up. All works now. However, that CGI switch thing is not always right away. I switched from his ID to mine and it took over 15 minutes for my FTP’d contents to show up at mydomain.com. Is it always like this?