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Just signed up with DH and needed some assistance with setup of FTP accts. For example, I created an user acct for “user123”. I want user123 to be able to upload via FTP to a folder in my acct and have it point to http://mydomain.com/user123. I figured out how to do this by remapping the sub-dir.

Problem is, when I login to FTP as admin and go to dir123, i don’t see user123’s files. However, if i login to FTP as user123, i see the files… and if i go to http://mydomain.com/user123, i see the files.

So my question is, how can I make it so user123 can upload their own files via FTP, have that dir point to http://mydomain.com/user123 and make it so that when i login to the FTP as admin, i can see those files in the /user123 directory?

hope that makes sense.


Simple: Don’t log in as admin, login in as user123.

Log in ‘admin’ shell.
Execute the following command:
ln -s /home/user123 user123
You’ve just creaited a symbolic link so that /home/admin/user123 maps to /home/user123

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“simple” wouldnt work for me because i’ll have quite a few users, and it would be much easier to just have them all visible in FTP by logging is admin.

“complex” might work, but I have no idea what it means… heh

basically, i am going to have 10-20 users that i want to be able to ftp to their own directory (unable to see directories outside of their own) … and i’d like to be able to see those directories by logging into one spot. i’m new to hosting on unix, but with my old windows-based host, this was possible.

thanks for the help.

The solution involving the ‘ln -s’ command (that creates a symbolic link, similar to an alias in Windows) will allow you to see the files in your other user’s directories but you will still not be able to edit or manage those files as they are owned by those users and not by your user. By default all of your users will be in the same group so if you set the group-writable bit (‘chmod g+w’ on the command-line) on all of those files you will be able to work with them, but maintaining the group writability at all times is going to be difficult if your users are not proficient with UNIX file permissions.

Also note that our CGI setup prevents cgi scripts that are group writable from running as a security precaution. The cgi scripts run as ‘you’ so allowing other users to write to your cgi scripts would be dangerous.

We generally recommend that you just login as each of those other users if you want to work with their files as that is the simplest setup to understand and maintain.

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ah, i didnt know about the file ownership issue. i guess for now, logging in as each user isnt the end of the world.

thanks for your help.

Yeah, it’s not totally ideal, but it’s the easiest way to work in our setup. We get a fair number of requests for this exact thing and do intend to offer it when we can. The UNIX file permissions model is pretty old now and it’s not flexible enough anymore. There is hope on the horizon, though. We should be able to provide much more flexible file access control in the next year or so.

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