FTP - Receive Only?

Is it possible to setup an FTP account whereas the user can only receive the files (and not upload)?

We have a few clients to send large files to but do not want them to upload on our ftp site.

Not that I am aware of. If all you want to do it provide the files for your clients, why don’t you just stick them in a password protected directory where they can download them with a browser?


You’d need to get a PS or a Dedicated Server for that level of control. rlparker’s idea is pretty sound though.

You might even consider chmoding the contents of whatever root folder your users are downloading from to read-only (0744). I’m just not sure if you can do that, because your primary user account (your staff’s user account) would have to take ownership of that folder (I don’t think a normal chown username:group folder would really work here) first. I can’t really recommend more than that I’m afraid.

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