FTP Read Only? or Uber Uploader

Ok. I have a number of people who will be uploading files to my ftp each week. There are several. They dont’ want each other to be able to snoop at other people’s uploads, or to have any ability to do anything with them. So they are saying to make it read only? I’ve also heard about the Uber Uploader. What do you suggest? I’m a newbie galore when it comes to ftp.

This gonna be hard in DH as FTP user manages the root directory of a domain :frowning:

Maybe you can achieve this with CMS

If it’s just for your consumption, then I’d give each of them a subdomain with a username and password. When you want to retrieve files, you use their username and password to log in and grab the files.

Thanks for the idea. I thought of this because there will be up to 400 of them uploading.

I’ve used this before:

It has decent permission controls, but I’ve not looked to see if it can make uploaded files readable by the uploader only. I really like PFN, so I think it’s worth a look.

And be sure to use a modified PHP.ini if your uploads are going to be larger than 7 Megs.