Ftp question

I have several FTP users who can access their own directory, all right. But each user can only see the files that I upload when logged in as that user.

What I would like is to upload and download files from all the different directories in the same FTP session, logged in as account owner, without having to open different sessions under different user names.

Can this be done? I haven’t found the way.

See http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Unix_Groups for more information.

Using SFTP is required.

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Looks like this should be the answer, but it is a bit convoluted… I will study it.

Thank you for your help!

This might be more clear.

  1. Like you’ve noticed, each user gets their own home directory.
  2. When one uses the FTP protocol, you are restricted to the home directory of the user you logged in as.
  3. When one uses the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or SSH Shell, one is not restricted and can access other users home directories.
  4. There is an “Enhanced security” measure that can be enabled to prevent that on a per-user basis
  5. Also the owner user can set permissions (owner/group/public) or change the group to further control access
  6. There is no “admin” or “superuser” that gets to violate the above. The user you get when you first sign up is simply an “initial” (first) user only.

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