FTP program


Hi. I have several domains hosted here at DreamHost.

I have been using WinSCP for FTPing and it has been working fine.

But I often need to copy files between one domain and another, and WinSCP can only do this by first downloading the file to my local computer, and then uploading it to the new location. (If you’re familiar with WinSCP, this is the “Move to…” under the Shift+F6 key, and not the regular “Move…” command which AFAICT is intended for host-to-local transfers.) (There used to be a confirmation prompt informing me that it was going to first transfer it locally – I’ve since turned that prompt off and can’t for the life of me find it again in Preferences.)

I believe this can be done using Putty or another command line app, but I’d rather do this through a GUI.

Is there an reliable and light-weight FTP program that will let me do this?

WinSCP lets me move domain-to-domain instantly, but copying or “Duplicating” isn’t possible in the same way.

I have Filezilla but I’m not too crazy about it and a wondering what others might recommend.

Thank you.


Horrifyingly, this is a limitation of both the FTP and SFTP protocols: Neither one contains any “copy” commands, only “rename” commands (which double as “move”). As such, there’s no way for any client to support that functionality.

If you need to be able to copy files around without downloading/reuploading them, you will need to use some access method other than FTP/SFTP, such as the shell.


With winscp you can also add this functionality yourself, the caveat is you need to know the command line for what you’re wanting to add (in your case probably ‘cp -r’ with some arguments.) What winscp will actually do is open a separate shell session to run the command, so you need to make sure the dreamhost user is configured for shell access.

The winscp doc for this can be found here: http://winscp.net/eng/docs/ui_customcommand?ver=5.0.6&lang=0409&utm_source=winscp&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=5.0.6


Hey thank you all for those replies.

Very helpful! :slight_smile: