FTP problems


I’m trying to up,load pages I have written, using smart FTP. But every time I try to upload something I get told “no such file exists”.

Can anyone help me out here?


Are you seeing your domain folder on the server when you connect?

Here’s the FTP entry in the Wiki for reference:



Better try FileZilla :slight_smile:


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Yes I’m seeing my domain folder, but each time I try to transfer across I get [10:24:16] 550 index.html: No such file or directory?

I’ll try anther FTP program, like filezilla as suggested.



Tried “filezilla” and I’ve managed to get files uploading.

Thanks for the tip.

I’ll get shot of smartftp then. :slight_smile:

Any criticism of my site most welcomed, not that there’s much there as of yet.



I’ll offer one, in that case. The font on your front page is excruciatingly small. I’d recommend clicking that up by, well, a lot.

Otherwise, it looks like you’re off to a pretty good start. Happy hacking!


Looks good :wink:

If you widen the divs a little and bump up the font size you’re on a winner!

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I think your dog has a big tongue. Oh, and those tiny thumbnails on the front page need to be scaled down to actual size so you’re not loading a 650x837 image for something that’s only about 100 pixels tall/wide.



Many thanks for all the good advice, will be taken and adjusted once I get the hang of making links to the rest of the bloody site.

How the hell do I find the right url for indexes to galleries etc?