Ftp problems

I have multiple domains hosted under the same plan.

I have been taking care of all the domains and accessing them via FTP through the parent site by going in to ftp.parentsite.com and using the host directory of the other domains (domain2.com/).

I have set up a second FTP user for domain2.com. Here is my problem. When I access ftp.domain2.com with the new user name and password I go to a directory that does not contain the files for domain2.com. Therefore my second user can not update domain2.com. Obviously I dont want to give the second user access to all my domains.

How can the second user correctly ftp in to domain2.com to modify the files?

You have to edit the domain to be associated with that new user. Then your user2 will be the only one with FTP access for that domain.

A domain can only be associated with one user. So you friend can have full access to the domain, and won’t be able to access the other domains.

Just a side note, make sure you have a full backup of the domain beore you switch users, someitmes the process doesn’t properly moves associated files.