FTP Problems


I have been messing with FTP for a while now and can not seem to connect through WS_FTP. I am able to connect to my other website hosted elsewhere, but not to my dreamhost account. Can anybody give me some tips. I have the crazy insane domain plan. Is there anything more I need to connect? I simply entered “mydomain”.com and then entered the password DreamHost went me in a confirmation email. Thanks in advance.

You need to connect with your server name, not your domain name. For example, I connect to absinthe.dreamhost.com, and give my FTP client my username and the password given to me by DreamHost.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Thank you both, unfortuantely i am not able to connect regardless of what I am doing. I am going to change my password, but that will take some time to reset. Anyway, i will post my results. If you can think of anything else please advise. Thanks again

Are you unable to log in or unable to see your files? You may need to make sure Passive mode is enabled on your ftp client.

As a basic troubleshooting step, you might want to try just FTP’ing from the command line.

In Windows, “Start” > “Run”, Then type “ftp www.yourdomain.com” and click OK.

If you get prompted for user/password, then you issue is with your FTP client configuration, your connection (i.e. firewalls etc), or your dreamhost account.