FTP Problems with PHPbb

I am trying to set up a bulletin board on a site using PHPbb. All of the suggestions in the “Goodies” section of Dreamhost, and on the PHPbb site said that installation was EASY. I have found it to be anything BUT easy. I can’t seem to get either of the two FTP prorgams I have tried to work. I have attempted with both FTP Explorer and CuteFTP. I have set up each with the proper login information for the site (i.e., server name, destination folder, FTP login ID and password) but still “no joy” with either one.

Can anyone out there PLEASE provide me with some insight as to what I might be doing wrong, some information on any special settings on the Dreamhost server that I might need to set to make this work, or some other FTP alternative that have worked for you and that I might try.

Your input would be MOST appreciated. Thanks.