FTP problem

I need to download a VBulletin forum on my site, but I can’t due to a problem. Apparently I need the ‘public_html’ file to download the files into, but I don’t have that file. All I have is ‘logs’ and ‘maildir’ when I go to FTP. How can I get a ‘public_html’ file?

You should put the files in “yourdomain.com” directory

Where do I find the “mydomain.com” directory?

You have not set up hosting for your domain.

I just switched it over from parked to full. So, when I use an FTP service and connect with my server does that mean there will be mydomain.com directory along with maildir and logs?

I can see mydomain.com, and I have downloaded the ‘upload’ folder from vbulletin into the new directory. However when I type in “mydomain.com/install/install.php” all I get is a 404 not found screen. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

When you FTP in and see that example.com directory, is there an install directory with install.php inside? It could be that your browser cache is interfering.

Inside the “mydomain.com” there are three things, none if which look like the type of file I can download into. The files are “favicon.gif” “favicon.ico” and “quickstart.html”[hr]

EDIT: The problem has been resolved. Thanks for your help everyone.