FTP Problem


I have recently registered a new domain, set up the hosting, and set up an FTP user. I can connect by FTP - no problem. However, there are only two subfolders there (logs and Maildir) and it doesn’t seem to matter where I upload files, they never seem to show up on my domain. I have set up a folder with my domain name and uploaded files there and it hasn’t worked either.



Are you logging in with the user who ‘owns’ the domain? check in the Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > edit and see what user is selected - You’ll have to log into FTP with that user to upload files for your site.

If you already are logging in with the correct user, then I suspect there was an error with your domian set up and you should contact support to have them fix it.

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Brilliant, thank you! I had set up the FTP user but they were not the owner of the domain. Once I followed your instructions everything worked perfectly.