FTP problem?

For the past couple of days, I haven’t been able to upload or download any thing from my server. I can access its files through HTTP and FTP, but if I try to add to it or take some thing from it (not deleting it though) it freezes up. I can delete files and folders.

What exactly ‘freezes up’?

Have you tried another FTP client to see if that resolves the issue?


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It’s every FTP client that I use. It even does it with Internet Explorer. When I say it “freezes up,” I mean that it stops working. The program doesn’t literally lock up, it’s just that if I try to upload a file, it does not upload. It just stops responding to the server, but I still have access to it.

Check your firewall and see if port 21 is blocked attached is an article from Microsoft about ftp ports and passive ftp ports. Funny I did not know there were other ports used for ftp.

I don’t have a firewall running. I tried opening the port through my router, but it still isn’t working. I’ll try using a different computer.

If that doesn’t work, contact DreamHost and explain the situation, something screwy may have happened to your file permissions.


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Alright, thanks. Using my desktop and other laptop did not fix the problem, so I contacted DreamHost with it. Thanks again. :slight_smile: