FTP problem

i just signed up for dreamhost today, everything is working fine accept that i couldn’t access the FTP. My ftp is on Deblume server and i use all the information that was in the email and still couldn’t log in “Connection failed (Connection lost)”. I tried connect to mydomain.com and also machine.dreamhost.com still couldn’t log on. In the panel>Domain>Manage, i notice the status of my web said “changed” all the other ones said “active” what does “changed” mean? Should i wait a day or two for the domain to registered then maybe i can log on to my ftp? thanks!

oh wow… 20 mins later got an email said that my domain has been successfully added in server and now my ftp has worked perfectly… very nice! thanks DH

I am having this same problem. It has yet to be resolved. I set up my account early today and still not FTP???

Yep, we’re having the same problem too. FTP doesn’t work to any of our accounts.

Http access to the main xxxx.net website doesn’t work either - something to do with error id: “bad_httpd_conf”.

Http access to the sub-domains does work though.

Any ideas as to how long this is going to go on for ??


The “bad_httpd_conf” error has been sorted now - accessing xxxx.net now provides a drive listing.

Now, the problem that I’ve got now is that when I logon via the FTP, I was under the impression that there would be a directory called xxxx.net that I would upload into ? There is no such directory.

Any ideas ?


The information in this thread might help: “Re: cant find yourdomain.com or public_html”.
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Thanks. Managed to sort it out myself in the end. The problem was that when I was creating the subdomain accounts, I was creating them within the main top level domain - hence when logging into a subdomain via FTP I wasn’t able to see them. All I did was changed each users default home to ‘their’ home and bingo, all working.