FTP Problem

I’m a new user to Dreamhost and I have been trying to use FTP to access my website, however, I keep getting an error message “530 Login Failure”. I have been in contact with Dreamhost for almost a week now and they have provided me information what I should be entering into each of the field names in FTP, but I keep getting the same error message. Dreamhost indicated that they are able on their end to login thru FTP successfully. Has anyone had this problem before. If so, what should I do?


  1. Use the web panel to have the password sent to you. Then use cut & paste to copy it from your mail client to the ftp client.
  2. Try using a different client.
  3. Try having the password changed and waiting a bit to give it time to update.

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Thanks for the help. One of my friends figured out what the problem was. The username was mispelled in the email that Dreamhost sent me from the actual name in the webpanel.

Now it works.