FTP Permissions


I have two sites hosted through one Dreamhost data plan. I need to let one of our in-house pople access and upload new website information onto the “main” website and it’s folders, but block his permissions from being able to see/access the “sister” website/files. How do i go about doing this?


You don’t get to set permissions for users. You get to set permissions for files and directories that you own. So one would need to move the sister site to a separate user and group and set the permissions to deny access to other groups and users. Then in order for two people to use different users to access one home directory you have to use the SFTP protocol instead of FTP.

See http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Unix_Groups

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[color=#00CC00]Panel > Users > Manage Users[/color]

  • Click Create a new user

  • Fill out the form

  • Click [color=#0000CC]Add user[/color]

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains[/color]

  • Click Edit next to the “sister site”.

[color=#0000CC]Users, Files, and Paths[/color]

  • Run this domain under the user: select your new user

  • Move files to the new user? Checked

[color=#0000CC]Web Options[/color]

  • Extra Web Security? Checked

  • Click [color=#0000CC]Change Settings[/color]

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